Ryan2On Courtney: J. Crew tee & shoes (both on sale!) / Madewell denim / Kate Spade bag, watch, earrings / Bauble Bar bracelets (similar)

On Ryan: J. Crew shirt, pants, shoes / Shinola watch / Ray Bans

Spring has started to peek through after a couple of (thankfully) drizzly weeks in San Francisco! I would say it’s time to bust out the bright colors, but we tend to do that year round. More importantly, this weekend was not time to bust out a jacket, rain or otherwise, and for that we felt celebratory. Ryan’s been exploring the popover version of his favorite J. Crew button downs, and so far so good, especially in this playful pink and blue plaid that had allllll the boys talking after swim practice this morning.

I, on the other hand, am exploring the world of boyfriend jeans, which I tend to love on other people and get nervous about wearing myself. I worry that the bagginess is unflattering when I have them on, but then I see them in action on others and they totes work. These pics are helping to convince me a little more, as are the silver strappy stilettos I paired them with–works every time.

Also, I’m obsessed with J. Crew’s linen tees–they are the perfect slouchiness/sheerness, come in the best graphic prints, and with 25% off right now are too easy to stock up on.

Why no wine? We’re both competing tomorrow so we’re trying to be responsible today. But all bets are off for post-swim meet!



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I’m Blushing


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I don’t know if it’s because it’s Valentine’s month or what, but I am having a major blush crush at the moment. Everywhere I go I seem to latch onto barely-pinks, from bags to bubbly to baubles. They’re girly on the one hand, but on the other, they’re sometimes so pale that they really act as a neutral and go with everything. Which makes sense, because it’s hard to think of an occasion when I wouldn’t want to be drinking sparkling pink. Some notes on a few of my pink picks:

2 // I discovered this wine over the weekend on a totally random wine tasting outing (it happens). I had low expectations for some reason, but this Blanc de Noir Champagne was first on the reserve tasting list at Frank Family and it blew me away. Typically a white sparkling wine, “blanc de noirs” means “white from black,” or more specifically, that it’s a white wine made from Pinot Noir, usually a red wine grape. Frank Family left theirs on the skins for just a few hours to give it just a tinge of color, and the result was gorgeous in both flavor and appearance. The $45 price tag surprised me because we were in Napa and I expected it to go for about $20 more than that, especially given the prices at Mumm.

5 // I found these Tory Burch sunnies while killing time as Ryan picked out his own pair for his bday present from me❤ I don’t usually go for black, but the nude/blush accents soften the look and don’t come off as too busy at all. Must. Have.

8 // I’ve always been a fan of formal shorts, and I can picture this with everything from soft silk blouses to light button downs, flats or heels, a crossbody or a clutch.

9 // I stumbled across these champagne coupes by Monique Lhuillier in the Mumm Napa gift shop after a champagne flight, and I can’t stop thinking about them! I love the retro coupe shape (as opposed to a flute) and I love the pink tint, perfect for making all your bubbles seem rosey. I’m keeping my eye on these as a great anniversary present… to myself.

10 // Maybe the best Brut Rosé out there? Ryan and I visited Billecart-Salmon on our France trip last summer and it was definitely the highlight of the Champagne region. Not an everyday bottle at $75, but worth the splurge when you have an occasion for it.

One more item on the blush crush list that escaped the collage, probably because there’s not a single occasion I can think of to wear it to:


But mark my words, if I find myself in need of a gown in the next couple months, I’m coming for this one! Gala, anyone?


Baptism, Baby

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On Courtney: J. Crew top, shoes, necklace, & bomber (similar) // Banana Republic pants // Kate Spade watch & purse
On Ryan: J. Crew shirt, pants, sportcoat // Sperry Topsiders // Old Navy belt // Shinola watch

Last weekend Ryan and I attended a baptism, an event that’s not usually in our weekend lineup. The man of the hour was Lorenzo, a dear friend’s new baby, and it was our first time meeting him so clearly we wanted to dress to impress. Formal enough for church, but casual enough for a daytime event on a gorgeous California afternoon? I’m pretty sure you were about to scream “silver stilettos” too.

We weren’t sure about the wine, but fortunately there was plenty of white flowing and it paired perfectly with everything from Ryan’s robin’s-egg-blue button-down to the giant pan of paella to the homemade marshmallow favors. Amen.

Also, how cool are these doors? Clearly we need to take outfit photos in front of churches more often!


Neon / Champagne / Guilt / Resolutions






Courtney wore a similar J. Crew skirt // a Forever 21 top kind of like this // these J. Crew shoes // this Kate Spade necklace // a similar Kate Spade watch // a similar bracelet.
Ryan wore similar Zara pants // a crisp white shirt like this one // a similar J. Crew sportcoat // a similar Ben Sherman bow tie // these Cole Haan shoes.
We both drank champagne (duh, it was NYE).

On New Year’s Eve we wore kind-of-coordinating neon and went to bed at 9:30pm. Oh and I wore a champagne cork necklace that Ryan got me for Christmas! And so ends the fashion portion of this post.

And now, some seriousness. In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions (which I don’t usually make), I’d been thinking a lot about why I write this blog. I was feeling guilty for not making more time for it, not posting often enough or having the newest things to share or being up to date on what everyone else in the fashion blogging community is saying. And at the same time I was feeling guilty for wanting to spend more of my time on a wine and fashion blog, when there are so many other worthwhile things to spend time on. With so many opportunities to feel guilty about not doing things, I did some deep thinking (yes, probably over a glass of wine) about what value writing a blog brings to my life, and why I want to make more time for it.

Writing a blog is hard! I have a full-time job, and so does my husband. Ever since the clocks changed and our days started fading to night much earlier, and Ryan started a new job with a commute that takes him out of the house pretty much from 7 til 7, we haven’t been able to take photos of each other’s outfits. We can replay outfits in a weekend photo shoot, but that takes a lot of the spontaneity and authenticity out of it, even though you may not know the difference from the photos. We’re not professional photographers (or even talented amateurs). We don’t have sponsors sending us clothes or wines to promote. This blog most likely will never become famous or make us money. So why do it?

The real value to me is that I’m creating something. This blog is just a way of bringing a routine creative practice to my life. Across the infinite sea of blogs, it doesn’t matter if you’re showcasing your amazing DIY talents or sharing your struggles with a personal issue or perfecting the art of wine-and-outfit pairing, it’s that you’re doing things in your personal life just for yourself, and then sitting down and sharing it with the world. Sometimes it’s from scratch, and sometimes it’s taking an idea that’s already out there and putting your own story around it, but it’s still creating.

There are so many blogs out there that it’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s ideas. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing–being inspired by my favorite bloggers is what gave me the courage and excitement to start my own, and it’s still one of my favorite ways to take breaks throughout the day, skipping over to see what kind of jokes Kendi has snuck in with her outfit or what the current state of adventures is in Laura’s life. But it can be too easy to get sucked in, trying to consume every fashion blog out there, feeling like I always need another accessory or pair of shoes or dress or that I should spend more time on my hair and makeup, when that’s not really why I decided to write a blog in the first place. I decided to write a blog simply because I enjoy fashion, and I enjoy wine, and I enjoy the silliness of trying to pair wines with outfits, because there is so much seriousness around pairing wines with other things, that why not find a link between grapes and glamour?

This blog isn’t meant to state that wine and fashion are the two things I care about most. Rather, they are two of many things that I enjoy, and even better, they’re two things that my husband and I both enjoy, so we get to spend time (and probably too much money) on them together. It’s not about having all the stuff. It’s not about having perfect hair or skin or makeup, or having a professional photographer catching my every move. It’s not about generating income (although those that can swing that are super lucky).

It’s just about me creating something around the things I enjoy, with the person I love most. I’m not a wine pro–I just drink a lot of wine. I’m not a total fashionista–I just take advantage of J. Crew sales, maybe a little too often. And I’m not a writer, though I’m not bad at it either, and in order to be better at it I have to practice, and this blog can let me do that, regardless of how many followers I may or may not gain, or how regular my posts may or may not be. Because taking pictures of my husband in cute outfits and picking a wine to drink together while looking stylish makes me happy, and I want to share that:)

So Happy New Year! My resolution is to not be ashamed of my blog because it’s not like anyone else’s, but just to have fun with it when I can, and not feel bad when I can’t get around to it.


Giving Thanks!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but that’s not because there haven’t been awesome outfits or pretty wines–there have been quite a lot of both, I assure you. The main reason is that my husband started a fancy new job that requires a commute, and combine that with the time change and you get total darkness by the time we’re both home and wining around. We’ll figure it out and get back to our photoshoots, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some outfit&wine ideas for Thanksgiving. And since we’ll be in Hawaii and not wearing much other than swimsuits (and pairing them with Mai Tais), it’ll be at least another week until we’re back on track. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful for every little good thing you have, and be thankful that wine is there for you when things are bad. xo!

1 // The obvious choice for this bomber is 1er cru white Burgundy, because, well, it’s the bomb. Beware, you will most likely win best dressed AND best wine if you bring this combo to a party, and it is a more expensive option for white wine. But if that’s something you can handle, go for it and you won’t be sorry.

2 // Classic and edgy at the same time, this tortoise & bling art deco collar will shine with a sparkly grower champagne, meaning it’s produced by the same estate that owns the vineyards the grapes come from. Grower champagnes tend to be more representative of their terroir than sparklers from large houses, which source their fruit from several sites, and they’re just as delicious at a lower price point.

3 // Lighter in body than you’d expect, and something to drink now and for years to come, a great Sicilian red is the perfect match for a timeless now-and-forever animal print crossbody or a conservative leather crop-top (yes, that phrase just happened). 

4 // David Lynch describes Barbera as the perfect Thanksgiving wine because “it is a plush, cherry-red crowd-pleaser with enough ‘cut’ to 
still feel like a wine, not a confection,” and I think the same can be said for this skirt: bright red in a soft, textured fabric in a slim-but-conservative midi pencil cut and a classic plaid.

5 // And to top it off (or bottom it out?) a gorgeous 20-year tawny port, because just like you can’t go without shoes, you really can’t go without dessert wine. So why not make it an excellent one? A 20-year tawny will cost you a few more bucks, but it’s totally worth it, and so are these perfectly shaped super-ankle booties.

Bonus: wear each of these pieces and you get to open each of these wines! Extra credit has never been so easy. Or fun. Just be sure to drink a lot of water.